Why the Biggest Loser is the worst show ever and you’re not losing fat, with Herman Pontzer, PhD


Herman Pontzer is an Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University and Associate Research Professor of Global Health at the Duke Global Health Institute. He is an internationally recognized researcher in human energetics and evolution.

Time Stamps:

0:11:16 Podcast begins with Herman Pontzer

0:14:04 The skulls that Herman Pontzer has come across

0:16:34 Herman's experience hunting with the podcast

0:19:14 What is it like hunting big game with the Hadza

0:22:04 What else did the Hadza eat?

0:25:44 Why don't they give any honey to the honey guide?

0:26:54 How was the mental health of the Hadza?

0:28:44 How was the health of the Hadza?

0:29:54 Physical activity patterns and biomarkers of cardiovascular disease risk in hunter-gatherers: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/ajhb.22919

0:31:54 Red meat and heart diesease with the Hadza

0:33:04 Tubers and how they are too fiberous to swallow

0:36:24 Metabolism and human evolution

0:39:14 The body burns roughly the same amount of calories every day

0:45:14 The "biggest loser" method to losing weight is not healthy nor sustainable

0:48:19 How humans are meant to move

0:49:44 Calories and food quality, each has it's own role

0:55:54 Obesity is associated with hypothalamic injury in rodents and humans: https://www.jci.org/articles/view/59660

1:03:14 Boston study: those who exercised maintained weight loss

1:07:04 Food quality matters for weight loss

1:40:54 Where to find Herman Pontzer


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