Video : What’s it really like to live with the Hadza? With Eric Edmeades

Born in South Africa, Eric Edmeades has been fascinated by human history and the origins of our species since childhood when he learned that his great-grandfather, T.F. Dreyer, had discovered the Florisbad skull; a 259,000 year old sapien skull.

Eric has undertaken a 25-year Indiana Jones-like series of adventures to explore our origins; adventures that have included exploring caves, archeological sites, and conducting many visits, over a ten year period, with the Hadza people of East Africa, some of the last truly hunter-gatherer people left on earth.

Eric is also the founder of WILDFIT®️, a health transformation company that combines nutritional anthropology and food psychology to help people create effective and lasting lifestyle transformation. WILDFIT has served over 35,000 people in more than 130 countries and has 300 certified coaches around the world. WILDFIT, published by Mindvalley, has been selected (audience choice) as the Highest Rated Program on the platform for two years in a row.

Time Stamps: 

0:04:51    Podcast Begins

0:06:35    How Eric encountered the Hadza

0:14:59    The legend of the honeyguide

0:18:42    Creating poison, tribal responsibilities, and where to find the Hadza

0:21:48    The Hadza Campsites

0:28:47    What do the Hadza eat? 

0:33:16    Eric recounts his bushpig hunt

0:41:00    The politics of the Hadza

0:47:15    What happens when the Hadza eat western "foods"

0:49:29    How the Hadza build alpha-diversity

0:57:51    What animals do the Hadza hunt?

1:11:08    Do the Hadza eat nuts and seeds?

1:14:27    Eric's view on plant foods

1:22:58    Achieving food freedom by eating whole foods

1:31:43    How the Hadza rank their foods

1:33:02    Life-changing fireside conversations

1:37:03    The utter folly of veganism

1:44:59    Where to Find Eric Edmeades