Video : Controversial Thoughts: Is there Uranium in your water?

 Do you drink San Pellegrino? Gerolsteiner? Tap water? Do you know what’s in your water? 

You need to listen to this podcast! 

This was a fun rabbit hole to go down after one of my clients brought the possibility of Uranium in mineral waters to my attention. 

Guess what?  San P, and Gerolsteiner have a significant amount of this element= no bueno.

But the story gets even more complex when we try to find water that doesn’t have a ton of toxins, yet retains the beneficial components of mineral water (minerals like silica, which may actually be at the root of longevity benefits observed in the Blue Zones by preventing aluminum toxicity)...

Check out this video to get my take on how to find the best water source possible and get one step closer to #RadicalHealth. 

Welcome to #theremembering.