The ULTIMATE Bloodwork Podcast!

My buddy Nathan Owens (@nathanequalsone) returns for a rousing discussion of all of our bloodwork. There’s a lot here, and this is technical episode. I hope that it provides value to the community and is helpful to those of you with questions about which bloodwork to order! 

Time stamps:

12:25 Nathan’s Podcast info.

15:04 Blood work Recommendations.

19:38 Where to order these tests online.

20:22 Extra-curricular labs.

21:42 Nathan’s Blood Work-Cholesterol

24:01 What happened to  basic lipid panel when he went carnivore.

25:55 Familial hypercholesterolemia

27:15 Thoughts on why LDL goes up on a Carnivore Diet.

29:04 Sophisticated lipid panels 

30:48 Atherogenic lipid numbers.

32:31 Nathan’s LDL and HDL size.

33:50 What’s the size of an HDL particle relative to the size of an LDL particle?

38:07 Ox LDL test.

41:20 Paul’s bloodwork results.

43:14 LPPAL2

45:09Other lipid tests Nathan got.

47:05 Are plant sterols atherogenic?

48:35 Other inflammatory markers 

49:38 Valuable Inflammatory Markers.

51:00 When to measure HSCRP?

51:39 Myloperoxidase and fibrinogen.

52:12 Homosistine.

54:50 Plant Folate 

56:15 Hormones

57:53 Sex hormone binding globulin.

1:01:49 What Nathan did to quadruple his testosterone.

1:06:30 The takeaways in regards to testosterone 

1:09:40 DHT 

1:12:21 IGF1

1:13:25 Insulin

1:14:10 Importance of testing fasting insulin.

1:14:25 C peptide measurements 

1:14:45 The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel.

1:16:37: B.U.N 

1:18:27 Cystatin c 

1:19:19 EGFR

1:19;54 Fasting glucose. 

1:21:59 Continuous glucose monitoring. 

1:23:13 Hemaglobin A1C.

123:53 Fructosamine levels.

1:24:44 Bilirubin 

1:26:59 Biliary disease 

1:28:58 ALT and AST

1:29:30 Alkaline Phosphatase.

1:30:16: GGT 

1:31:53 CBC and DIFF.

1;33:58: White blood cell lineages.

1:36:24: Red blood cell count.

1:37:23 Hematocrit measures.

1:38:39 Mean Corpuscular volume.

1:40:35 Platelet count 

 1:40:50 Omega 3.

1:42:48 Relative ratios of ALA, DPA, DHA, EPA.

1:44:45 Other fatty acids.

1:47:47 Thyroid Hormones.

1:59:27: Vitamin E

1:59:38 CoQ10, minerals, and micronutrients.

2:07:09: Saunas and heavy metals.

2:07:39 Leptin.

2:08:04 Organic acid, G.I. tests.

2:09:10 Full Genome Sequencing.

2:13:17 The most radical thing Nathan has done recently.