The atomic particle that will change your life…deuterium!

My guests this week are two of the founders of the Center for Deuterium Depletion. 

T. Que Collins, PhD is co-Founder and Principal Investigator, Cignature Health Metabolic Clinic – the first clinic in the world to use deuterium and tracer technologies to describe and follow the health status of patients with metabolic disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

 A native of Australia, Dr. Anne Cooper, D.C., LAc. earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles), graduating with Honors in 1997, while on the Dean’s list and winning the Charles Gibson award for clinical excellence. Her growing commitment to total health and innovative healing therapies led her to continue on with over 20 years post doctoral experience in Functional Medicine and a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating with highest honors in 2011. Early in her career, as a celebrity aesthetician, working with great beauties such as Ava Gabor, she realized that where there is beauty, there MUST be health and that health must be established on a very deep cellular level.

 Time stamps:

8:45 Clinical Success Stories.

14:44 Different Stages of Cancer.

15:55 What is Deuterium ?

24:22 Where did it come from?

28:25 Prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.

29:10 The creation of mitochondria.

31:30 How does energy work in the body.

34:15 Metabolic water.

35:55 Metabolism 

39:25 How do we get too much deuterium?

41:37 How do we take in and deplete deuterium?

43:31 Which foods are the highest in deuterium ?

44:21 How does the sun deplete deuterium?

48:10 Where do plants put deuterium?

50:45 Farming practices affecting deuterium in food.

53:00 The low deuterium diet.

56:41 How do we deplete deuterium ?

58:50 Breathing methods.

1:00:25 How do we deplete deuterium while we sleep?

1:03:20 How sleep is fixed to make for better deuterium depletion.

1:04:58 Is the carnivore diet working through deuterium depletion?

1:06:15 Deuterium levels in different organs of the animal.

1:08:10 Other deuterium depletion methods.

1:11:29 How does deuterium affect cholesterol molecules?

1:14:45 Deuterium and autoimmunity.

1:16:27 Why don’t we deplete deuterium as well when we are older?

1:19:01 When do we need deuterium?

1:23:00 How to measure deuterium in the body.

1:25:19 DNA and its structure with deuterium.

1:26:33 Telomeres.

1:30:40 How is deuterium involved in cancer?

1:34:10 Prostate cancer study.

1:40:45 How to get your deuterium levels checked?

1:40:35 Supplements and deuterium levels.

1:44:45 Where to find them?

1:45:39 The most radical thing they have done recently . 


Carnivore deuterium study: