How to survive the Coronavirus Zombie apocalypse with Ben Greenfield.


Time Stamps: 

8:10 Start of the podcast.
9:25 How Ben is handling the Coronavirus outbreak/quarantine.
14:24 Sun, stress relief, nutrition importance.
15:20 Exercising too intensely/breathwork.
18:45 Different breathing techniques/breathing exercise example.
24:23 Nitric Oxide/blood brain barrier permeability.
26:40 Mammalian Dive Reflex.
33:00 Benefits of breathwork/blowing off CO2
35:25 The myth of adrenal fatigue
40:50 Overdosing fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A and Vitamin D) and increased susceptibility.
43:10 Peptides.
45:00 Thymus and Alpha1.
46:30 The origin of peptide
47:55 Are there peptides in animal organs?
52:10 The hunting and gathering practices of the Spokane Indians.
1:00:40 Why some people don’t lose fat.
1:05:25 Leptin insensitivity/how to restore leptin insensitivity.
1:08:10 Underlying inflammation and fat loss.
1:09:10 Fatty acid ratios.
1:11:55 Why Vegetable oils are problematic.
1:13:10 Monounsaturated vs. polyunsaturated fat.
1:15:00 The most radical thing Ben has done recently.
1:18:30 Where to find Ben’s work and book.