Did humans evolve to be Carnivores or Omnivores? With Miki Ben-Dor PhD

I’ve always found anthropological questions regarding human origins and hunting practices to be fascinating. Happy to have been able to talk to paleo anthropologist Miki Ben-Dor to dig into many of these issues. 

Time Stamps:

9:00 Start of Podcast.

9:52 Miki’s background.

16:00 Where humans come from/context of human evolution.

21:00 Homo Erectus vs. Australopithecus diet.

28:00 Change in species availability (change from hunting megafauna to smaller animals).

32:00 Humans as hypercarnivores.

35:00 Contemporary hunter gatherer groups (the Hazda).

37:50 Iron vs. stone tools.

47:30 Hunting and Human evolution.

52:00 Neanderthals as high-trophic carnivores (nitrogen studies).

58:00 Hazda diet and health.

1:02:00 Cultural symbolism of “fat”

1:10:21 Transition from primates to humans.

1:15:00 Group hunting tactics by Homo Sapiens.

1:20:50 Shrinking brain size due to onset of agriculture.