Are we “civilized to death?” With Chris Ryan, PhD


Christopher’s work has been translated into over twenty languages, and featured just about everywhere, including Netflix, HBO, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, The Times of London, Playboy, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, and The Atlantic. Chris has been a featured speaker at TED, SXSW, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House, the Portland Comedy Festival, the Einstein Forum in Pottsdam, Germany, and is a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and many other podcasts. He’s provided expert testimony in a Canadian constitutional hearing, won a coveted AVN award (best non-sex performance, Marriage 2.0) and appeared in dozens of documentary films and television shows.

Time Stamps: 

0:10:09 - Podcast begins

0:10:29 - The story of Bryan Stevenson

0:14:34 - It is easy to become blind to how unhappy we have become in our modern world

0:19:29 - Charles Darwin, oceanic explorers, and how it applies to our modern world

0:21:09 - Most people prefer to live the indigenous, uncivilized life

0:29:09 - The Hadza did not want to change the way they were living

0:31:54 - The uncivilized life isn’t necessarily easy, but it seems “right”

0:35:24 - When the information that supports your view is easy to accept, and information that challenges your view is difficult to accept

0:39:39 - We are addicted to "modern day drugs”

0:41:54 - Animals in a zoo are told how lucky they are to be in a zoo

0:45:54 - We have demonized nature as a modern society

0:48:34 - Body contact and sexual exploration and repression results in less violence

0:51:29 - The story of how Chris Ryan met Jeff Leach and shifting our microbiomes

0:57:04 - Recommending a corn flakes diet to decrease sexual desires in humans

1:02:09 - Most chronic disease and violence began with our beginning of agriculture

1:05:09 - Our ancestors were always armed with weapons in some form or another

1:07:39 - Most researchers haven’t actually spent time with hunter gatherer tribes that they write and talk about

1:14:39 - How humans are like grasshoppers; consuming and destroying everything in our environment

1:22:29 - The Indian-mango trap: a metaphor for our civilization

1:31:19 - Rats living in an unnatural environment made unnatural choices; rats that live in a natural environment made natural choices

1:35:19 - Question for Chris Ryan: how do we create a natural environment for ourselves and move forward to find happiness and health?

1:43:09 - What is the most radical thing Chris Ryan has done recently?

1:45:19 - Wrapping up with Chris Ryan

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