Video : Controversial Thoughts: Is Honey Really the Same As Sugar?

Oooo guys! This is a good one, and it’s going to ruffle some keto-feathers!

There is a tendency within nutritional circles to fall prey to reductionist thinking. We know sugar is bad, right?

Therefore any foods (no matter how evolutionarily consistent) that contain sucrose, or the evil-fructose are bad for you, too, right? Not so fast seabass!

These apparent evolutionary inconsistencies have always puzzled me and caused me to wonder about how foods like honey or fruit might be different than pure sucrose, or if your body’s response to fructose might be dependent on the food it’s in. Imagine that!

Food might actually be more complex than just calories, and macronutrients! It might actually have different effects on your body when it’s a “whole” food like honey or even sea salt vs refined sodium chloride.

Check out this week’s edition of Controversial Thoughts to journey with me down all of these rabbit holes. I bet you will be surprised at what we find! Welcome to #theremembering