Can an Animal-Based Diet reverse heart disease and diabetes? With Sean O’Mara, MD.


Dr. O'Mara works with business executives, professional performers and athletes motivated to improve outcomes through innovative techniques of clinical enhancement. Dr. O’Mara is a partner within an innovative medical startup in Minneapolis MN called Lantu which optimizes health. Dr. O’Mara enjoys speaking with audiences about the dramatic changes within the healthcare system immediately ahead following the inevitable reversal of chronic disease and the considerable advantages which it will bring to individuals, organizations, and indeed civilization as a whole.

Time Stamps:

0:04:16 Podcast Begins

0:05:53 Visualizing visceral fat. The fat-burning power of dietary change

0:12:10 Why diet trumps exercise

0:13:21 Weight is the wrong metric

0:20:03 Will all carbs wreck your metabolic health?

0:26:04 Do vegans have visceral fat?

0:32:53 Using our senses to measure health and choose leaders

0:35:50 Premature Atherosclerosis Associated With Monogenic Insulin Resistance

0:39:25 Reversing arterial plaque with diet and lifestyle

0:50:09 Dr. Sean's personal story

0:54:54 The scoop on carbs

1:02:01 Fermented foods for gut diversity and optimal health

1:10:22 A high linoleic acid diet exacerbates metabolic responses and gut microbiota dysbiosis in obese rats with diabetes mellitus

1:11:35 How microbiota affect mental health

1:13:37 Fish Oil Attenuates Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid-Induced Dysbiosis and Infectious Colitis but Impairs LPS Dephosphorylation Activity Causing Sepsis

1:18:55 Video Cuts Off

1:19:18 All about sprinting

1:27:07 Where to find Sean O'mara