Bonus episode: How to live like your ancestors in 2020, with Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto & Equip Foods, host of The Natural State Podcast, author of the best-selling Keto Answers. Former sports rehab clinician turned entrepreneur, trained in functional medicine and ordered labs and set treatment plans for hundreds of patients.

Time Stamps:

3:52  Being in touch with your environment bolsters human health

9:29 Why regenerative agriculture is the only way forward

16:00 On a mission to get people eating real food

17:00 Using business to force [positive] change upon the system

18:50 The importance of respecting complex systems

20:35 Chronic disease is a genetic and environmental mismatch 

21:23 Returning animals to their natural environment

23:34 Lab-grown meat, and other carbon giants

28:00 Nature’s carbon cycle unnatural carbon introduction

31:31 Seasonality and diversity diminishes toxic load

40:00 Genetic adaptation takes thousands of generations

48:10 The value of learning the survivalist lifestyle

55:13 The best use of social media

1:00:20 How Anthony Gustin stays centered

1:04:30 Where to find Anthony Gustin